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Soldiers and
Police Officers

"Women are smart. They already know how to function in what can be a male dominated world and succeed. Women also know when they need to increase their skill level in order to get ahead.

When it comes to understanding how to protect yourself and your loved ones, there is a little known system that only those who protect people for a living are proficient in.

Of those who are proficient in the skills, fewer still have the ability and proven track record in passing these skills on to members of the public. Our instructors are some of these few.

In our world, smart people beat tough people every day of the week.

If you are a smart woman, you know that life outside is getting more dangerous, yet you will not allow yourself to become a victim. You will learn the skills that only a few of us know in order to protect yourself and your loved ones."
Dion Jensen
Founder - www.successforsoldiers.com
Founder - www.protectingwomen.com.au
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Mother of Four

"The instructor was AMAZING! We were all very surprised at his demeanor as we were expecting a 'tough guy, not the soft spoken instructor that trained us.

I have done self-defense courses before, but nothing like this that trained me how to THINK.

I was shocked at how many danger signs I miss on a daily basis that the instructor pointed out to us.

He even took us into town at night and showed us all the things that I never would have considered.

A MUST do course."
University Student

"I am not strong physically and a little timid, but I wanted to be able to go out and have fun without being scared.

The instructor didn't brag about their experience, they were soley focused on training ME. They taught me with patience and encouragement.

I realize now that my MIND is my greatest weapon and it's OK to be scared. This is actually an advantage.

 I understand why the instructors are hired to protect people for a living, they make you feel SAFE." 

"Having to lock up late and head to my car  on a daily basis, I have always been aware of my personal safety, but especially aware of my physical limitations.

I am 5"6 and weigh 65kgs.

When I did other self-defense courses they taught me the normal wrist grabs, break- aways and martial arts stuff, but I never knew if they would actually work in a real life situation.

When I did this course, the Success For Soldiers instructor showed me what I COULDN'T deal with so I knew my limitations and taught me techniques that didn't involve strength.

Our instructor was 6"4 and 115kgs and I had him in tears during one scenario by the end of the course. The techniques work and now I KNOW they work."
Victim of Abuse

"I've suffered physical and sexual abuse from a very young age and have only recently begun getting on top of it.

I took up BJJ to protect myself and build my confidence and had seen one of the Success For Soldiers instructors training my instructor.

As I hold my own instructor in high regard I did the Success For Soldiers course. WOW. 

Techniques aside, what you will learn on this course may save your life. What you will learn is a different way to look at your surroundings and your confidence will go through the roof.

There is an optional anti-rape component of the course that we all did that I recommend. In one of the most terrifying situations to be in, I felt in the most control and the most powerful.

These guys know their stuff. I will always be grateful.
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I'll also give you 'The Targeting Document' and 'A Girls Night Out Checklist' 
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